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Willow Grove

Enhancing a Natural Approach Toward Wellness

Our Approach

Willow Grove is a collaboration of wellness practitioners focused on one goal, a natural approach toward health and happiness. We  work together to meet your wellness goals through holistic practices tailored to your individual needs.

Nourish your body, mind and soul with services including massage therapy, energy work, assisted stretching, red & infrared light therapy and so much more. 

Our Services & Programs

Our Therapists and Practitioners can guide you on a journey to wellness. Choose from our wide array of services and programs which are detailed below.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is not a passive or static state but rather an "active pursuit" that is associated with intentions, choices and actions as we work toward an optimal state of health and wellbeing. Second, wellness is linked to holistic health--that is, it extends beyond physical health and incorporates many different dimensions that should work in harmony.

Wellness is an individual pursuit--we have self-responsibility for our own choices, behaviors and lifestyles--but it is also significantly influenced by the physical, social and cultural environments in which we live. 

Wellness is often confused with terms such as health, wellbeing and happiness. While there are common elements among them, wellness is distinguished by not referring to a static state of being (i.e., being happy, in good health or a state of wellbeing). Rather, wellness is associated with an active process of being aware and making choices that lead toward an outcome of optimal holistic health and wellbeing.

--The Global Wellness Institute

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Here To Heal

Here's what our clients have to say

"Dani provides wonderful body work. She tailors each session to address any problem areas and I leave feeling stronger, healthier and COMPLETELY relaxed. Her workspace is clean and comfortable. ... If you are looking for deep tissue, energy work or an overall relaxing massage, I would highly recommend making an appointment!!!"


770 Smithridge Drive
Suite 250

Reno, NV 89502

Tel: 775.391.8288

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