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Red Light Therapy

AKA:  LLLT, Low Level Light Therapy, Photobiomodulation, Cold Laser and Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light promotes positive reactions in your body on a cellular level. This therapy enhances blood, oxygen, and nutrient flow to the immediate area providing the optimal environment for the body to self heal. It is an effective treatment for any condition characterized by pain and inflammation. Infrared light therapy encourages the healing of the actual cause of pain. So, in many cases, after a course of treatment the pain is gone for good.

Meet Your Red Light Specialist



I have been a user and believer of Red Light Therapy for years. I have many experiences where the Red Light provided enhanced pain relief and much shorter healing times for injuries and ailments. 

How It Works

Play this video for a great explanation of how Red Light Therapy works with your cells to encourage healing.

Own Your Own

This Red Light unit is comprised of 120 lights - 60 Red and 60 Infrared. Also available is a unit consisting of Red, Infrared and Blue lights for killing bacteria such as MRSA or acne. 

$190 plus shipping

Proven Results

I'd like to share with you some of my favorite and most astounding results I've seen from using Red Light Therapy. 


My husband got a friction burn on the neck by a tail of paper that came off the roll of paper going 35 mph. The painful, swollen, weepy friction burn healed in a week. I don't believe that could have been possible without the light therapy.

Day 1

Burn day 1

This is the burn when he got home. He red lighted it 2 times before bed and once in the morning.

Day 2

Burn day 2

No pain all day and the swelling has gone way down. The burn area is much smaller too!

Day 4

Burn day 4

Healing fast!

Day 5

Burn day 5

Almost healed!

Day 6

Burn day 6

That painful, swollen, weepy friction burn healed in a week.

Jaw Bone Regeneration

I avoided a root canal by using red light on my jaw. I was just trying to avoid an abscess as I didn't have time to get it fixed for 6 months. Instead, there was bone regeneration and I was good to go.

First X-Ray

1st xray


Second X-Ray

2nd xray



"I have periodic flare ups of bursitis and tendonitis in my hips. Three days of treating myself with my red light and I am almost symptom free. It also helps with tense muscles."

"Last week I noticed that my daughter's horse was off, his right hind leg was swelling up again, another bout of cellulitis. I decided to just try the red light instead of bute, antibiotics and wrapping. Red lighting 2x per day. After the first treatment he was walking on it again without favoring it. After 3 days, there was no more swelling and he's been fine since! The first time he had cellulitis, it cost me about $400.00 in vet bills. It was a more serious case because we didn't catch it as early, but I'm happy to have stopped this bout in its tracks."

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Reach out to Pam if you have questions about when and how to use Red Light Therapy, or would like to purchase your own handheld device.

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