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Mind, Body, Spirit Transformation

Amy is a psychic, medium and intuitive healer dedicated to sharing her gifts and knowledge gained on her journey in this world. She is here to offer life lessons through her podcast and classes that she has made available to everyone, no matter where they live. Based out of Colorado, Dani and Amy began a professional relationship over 5 years ago and Amy has agreed to be a remote part of the Willow Grove team.

Meet Your Mind, Body, Spirit Transformation Specialist



I’m a soul on a mission to help people like you to master your life and energy, so that you can become the greatest version of YOU.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as tapping. EFT is a way of releasing stored energy and information in the body that is creating dysfunction or dysregulation within the body. This may be experienced as pain, anxiety, fear and more.

The Stark Transformation Show

We have provided a couple of preview episodes to Amy's Podcast.

The Stark Transformation show can be found on your favorite podcast app.

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A Preview of the Stark Transformation Show with Amy Stark



On this preview episode, I'll tell you who I am and what this podcast is all, light, healing and transformation! For more information about me and what I do, please visit my website at 

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004 - Law of Attraction in a Nutshell

In this mini episode Amy offers an easy to understand analogy on how to relate to and use the Law of Attraction. 

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In a nutshell

EFT is great for helping people to overcome fears, trauma (both large and small), and help to rewrite limiting beliefs. It also helps to turn off the fight, flight, freeze response and put the body into a state of relaxation, where it can heal.

It is well established that trauma creates stress in the body and stress is linked with nearly all illnesses. Studies show that childhood trauma is linked with chronic illness, addiction and mental illness later in life. EFT has the ability to help unlock, release, and rewrite these traumas through an energy based protocol that utilizes loving kindness.

What I’ve found in doing 1000+ EFT sessions and a thousand + more energy healing sessions, is that much of what is holding us back from experiencing the life we want, was first created when we were children. Trauma (large and small), mental programming (from family and society), and personal experiences, create a lens in which you view the world and make decisions and judgements about who you are within the world. EFT can help you to change the lens in which you view the world and thus transform the way you experience life.

Here’s a quick demonstration of EFT


Explore more about the course I created that will teach you how to do EFT and more!

You Are Energy

An Introduction to Your Human Energy Field

Welcome to this introductory course on your energy field. This course is only 2.5 hours long, but chock full of incredible, life changing information. This series will leave you feeling empowered to master your own energy, which will help you create the life and health you want. This is a self-paced course, so you can review the tools, techniques, and information at your leisure. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Only $57!

You are energy


Browse Amy's website and social media to see what else she has to offer

Stark Transformation

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Absolutely life saving services. I myself a mother of 3 chronically ill children became a client. Soon after seeing how I was healing not only emotionally but physically, I had my 3 children begin. The transformation in such a short period of time is crazy. They’re sleeping through the night, feeling again, pain is gone!!! Coming here literally saved me and I’m getting my family back.

— K., CO

Amy is a natural healer. She genuinely cares about helping others — friends, colleagues, family, people within her community, and people who are seeking a better quality of life. She has devoted years of time to her own personal studies of the Healing Arts and I can say from experience that she is a talented Reiki healer. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone interested in improving their overall health & wellness.

— H., NYC

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